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Kubit is versatile software which can compress images with the rate you define, and minimum loss

And thanks to its portable feature, it does not require setup and it is easy to use

It compresses images by two techniques

1. Kavrulmuş (*.Kbt)
2. Çİfte Kavrulmuş (*.Kba)


Compared to the first technique, second technique enables you to compress larger amount

of image files. The most essential feature that impacts the quality and size

of the image file is the consistence between red, green and blue in settings menu

to see the outcome of this consistence all you have to do is entering

"renk analizi (colur analysis)" section, at the same page. This consistence is only available

for the technique of "Çifte Kavrulmuş (*.Kba)" Feature, named as "Resim Perdele (*.Kbx) – veil the image",

embeds images formats (*.Bmp,*.Jpg,*.Png) or (*.Kbt), as encrypted or not encrypted,

into images with three different format and size, according to your preference.

"Resim Göster – (Show the image)", enables you to open embedded images as (*.Kbx) format

and to save them as image file format.

Besides it is easy to convert image file formats (*.Bmp,*.Jpg,*.Png) to each other.

Thanks to ghost mode, It is possible to use your computer without minimizing Kubit windows.

The feature named as "Çok İkonlu Pencere (ÇİP) – window with multi icon" allows you to get several

utility programs worked, with only one icon. If you click on "Kubit.exe" icon,

when "primary window" is activated, "Resim Düzenle – edit the image", the utility program

that allows you to add some effects to image, starts working.

If you click on "Kubit.exe" icon, when "Resim Perdele – veil the image” window is open,

the utility program of "Kubit Sil – remove kubit" starts working to remove the Kubit from your computer.

If you click on "Kubit.exe" icon, when "Resim Göster – show the image" window is open,

the game, "Kapılar (Doors)" starts working for you to enjoy.

For more detailed information you can visit help menu and download help cards or tutorial video.

Kubit Information  
 Licence: Free
Size: 4.80 Mb
   Interface: Turkish
      Developer: Maysoft
          System: Windows
 Windows 10 Windows 8 Windows 7 Windows Vista  Windows Xp


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